Today, Dr Elisabete Barros from São Tomé visited the Clinic for Plastic Surgery at the Ernst von Bergmann Hospital in Potsdam together with Dr Martin Schreiber, Senior Physician at the Clinic for Plastic Surgery, to get an impression of our medical-technical and above all anaesthesiological equipment. Ms Barros completed her training as an anaesthetist in Leipzig 30 years ago and is currently one of two anaesthetists responsible for the entire Republic of São Tomé and Principe in Africa. Dr Martin Schreiber, senior physician at the Clinic for Plastic Surgery, showed Ms Barros around our operating theatres and followed plastic surgery procedures together with her.

The contact to our clinic came about through the Dr. Stephan Knabe Foundation, which has been working for four years on the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe with various aid projects in the areas of education and economy. Already in June of this year, two of our senior physicians from the Clinic for Plastic Surgery – Dr. Schreiber included – travelled to São Tomé to treat several patients with severe burn scars and deformities, for example on the hands or face, at the Hospital Ayres de Menezes.

The upcoming missions will take place approximately every six months and with changing teams. In addition to treating the patients (approx. 15-25 per mission), the hospital staff will also be educated and trained on site. In order to make this possible, the Dr Stephan Knabe Foundation has initiated a call for donations on the platform.

You will find a video here showing the work of the Dr. Stephan Knabe Foundation.