Only 6 hours from Europe
Directly on the equator
Holidays in São Tomé e Príncipe


Pool photo: Dario Pequeno Paraiso, Drone photo: Thomas Iwainsky, Drummer photo: Dario Pequeno Paraiso, Rocky coast photo: Thomas Iwainsky

Where the Atlantic Ocean is at its most beautiful, the tropical green of the islands of São Tomé e Príncipe lies behind dreamlike beaches. A unique culture, friendly people and untouched nature await you in São Tomé e Príncipe.

Experience the second smallest country in Africa. Hike through primeval forests, to waterfalls or an overgrown crater lake. Immerse yourself in colourful markets or small fishing villages and experience the taste of the chocolate islands. Welcome!

COVID related entry rules: Proof of testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection, a COVID EU digital certificate or any other certificate related to SARS-CoV-2 is no longer required. Source: STP Airways

Foto des Unabhängigkeitsplatzes in der Hauptstadt von São Tomé e Príncipe

Independence Square in the small capital Cidade de São Tomé (Photo: Dário Pequeno Paraiso)

Foto des Auto de Floripes Straßentheaters auf der Insel Príncipe

Auto de Floripes: Street theatre with African and European roots (Photo: Thomas Iwainsky)

Foto des Bananenstrandes auf der Insel Príncipe mit einem kleinen Ausflugsboot

One of our many beaches. Lots of space, turquoise sea and warm water (Photo: Thomas Iwainsky).


Three islands and a vibrant culture from 500 years of mixed culture between Africa, Europe and Brazil. Small towns and colourful markets.


About 30% of the entire country is protected Ôbo National Park. Here you will find wild valleys, waterfalls and endemic species.


Café beach, banana beach or tamarind beach. There are more of these wonderful and secluded places than you can see in one holiday.

Holidays in São Tomé e Príncipe. Have a look at what’s to see:

The famous “Roças”

Everywhere on São Tomé e Príncipe you will find plantations laid out like estates, often as large as villages or almost like small towns. They have such melodious names as Monte Café (Coffee Mountain), Água Izé, Sundy or Belo Monte (see photo). Visit the old warehouses, maybe even see the remains of former railways and learn about the culture of the country.

Foto der Roça Belo Monte auf Príncipe

Hotel Roça Belo Monte (photo: Thomas Iwainsky)

Foto einer Urwaldwanderung mit Wanderführer und Touristin in Urwald von São Tomé e Príncipe

Guided hiking tour through the Ôbo forest (photo: Thomas Iwainsky)

Nature in its purest version

Wild valleys, secluded beaches, waterfalls, tropical rainforest, cloud forest, volcanic craters and dozens of endemic species, from the smallest hummingbird to the world’s largest begonia. Walk with one of the experienced guides through São Tomé e Príncipe’s protected Ôbo National Park and immerse yourself in deep greenery and a deserted world to which few have access.


In São Tomé e Príncipe we’ll take it easy, leve-leve. After just a short time, you will notice how good this feels. Visitors are greeted in a friendly manner, and fresh ingredients from the fields or the sea are served for dinner. And in the families, the fathers or big brothers build so-called scooters for their children or younger siblings, which are then raced.

Foto von Jungen mit selbstgebauten Holzrollern in São Tomé

Kids with self-made so called Trottis (photo: Dário Pequeno Paraiso)

Dronenaufnahme eines einsamen Traumstrandes in São Tomé e Príncipe

Praia Banana on Príncipe Island (photo: Thomas Iwainsky)

Beach holidays like never before

Banana Beach (in the photo), Monkey Beach, Bee Beach, Seven Waves Beach, Governeur Beach, Swimming Pool Beach, Jalé Beach, Turquoise Lagoon, etc. On most of these partly kilometre-long beaches you will even be almost alone. And if you swim along Coffee Beach (on Ilhéu das Rolas) from left to right, you will have crossed the equator from the southern to the northern hemisphere (which of course also works the other way round).


TAP Air Portugal takes you several times a week from Lisbon (partly non-stop, partly with a short stop in Accra) to São Tomé. Lots of connecting flights to all over Europe.
STP Airways flies once a week from Lisbon.
TAAG Angola Airlines flies various times a week via Luanda, Angola

Good to know

– National currency: the São Tomé e Príncipe Dobra is pegged to the euro at an exchange rate of about 1 EUR to 24.5 STD.
– Visa cards are sometimes accepted. Mastercard much less often.
– Electricity voltage and plugs are the same as in Germany.

Travel weather

– The most common times to travel are from January to February and from June to August (dry seasons). In the rainy season there is heavy rainfall, but always alternating with sunshine.
– On the islands, there are sometimes very clear weather differences, depending on the micro-location.

Entry and health

– A visa is not required for tourist stays of up to 14 nights.
– A yellow fever vaccination is not required.
– Malaria prophylaxis is recommended. Long, light-coloured clothing in the evening can be additionally helpful. Consult a tropical institute or doctor before travelling.


– There are excellent internet connections almost everywhere in the country.
– You can get phone cards with mobile internet and call credit from the two mobile phone providers CST and Unitel.
– Roaming with German providers is very rare! National dialling code is +239

What to bring

– If you are going hiking, be sure to bring ankle-high sturdy hiking shoes and also hiking poles.
– In addition, remember to bring all chargers and possibly your photo equipment.
– Snorkelling equipment and swimwear.

Here you will find an independent and advertising-free, but also personal list of hotel recommendations in São Tomé e Príncipe:

Fishermen’s village in São Tomé e Príncipe, photo: Thomas Iwainsky