Consulate of São Tomé e Príncipe
At an historic address for
Berlin and Potsdam


Foto: Christopher Kühn

Directly on Schiffbauergasse, a quarter steeped in history between Berlin and Potsdam, you will find the Honorary Consulate of the Democratic Republic of São Tomé e Príncipe since 2022. The offices are located directly in the modern business building of the Dr. Knabe group of companies. The Glienicke Bridge is only a few hundred metres away.

Unter Leitung von Dr. Stephan Knabe führt die Unternehmensgruppe Dr. Knabe zahlreiche Aktivitäten in Deutschland und Europa. Seit vielen Jahren engagiert sich Dr. Knabe zudem privat und geschäftlich in São Tomé e Príncipe. Unter anderem unterstützt die Dr. Knabe Stiftung die Lehrerbildung und Deutsch als 3. Fremdsprache in den Schulen von São Tomé.

Honorary consul Dr. Knabe
Curriculum vitae

Foto des Honorarkonsuls von São Tomé e Príncipe, Dr. Stephan Knabe

(photo: Kanzlei Dr Knabe)

After studying business administration, Dr Knabe worked for KPMG in Great Britain, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands, among other places. As a guest lecturer at Steinbeiß University, he taught in Ethiopia. Today, Dr Knabe teaches international tax law at the University of Leipzig and runs the largest tax consultancy firm in Brandenburg. His group of companies also includes an auditing and law firm and a management consultancy. In West Africa, another of his companies provides high-quality medical laboratory analyses to the population, thus enabling local doctors to provide specific treatment. The associated test production provides many people with a secure job and easy and inexpensive access to viral disease testing.

As Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Regas, he is currently building an LNG terminal to supply eastern Germany with gas in these special times. With the Stephan Knabe Foundation he established, he promotes foreign language education at the University of São Tomé and Príncipe. Through this effort, 14 teachers are already educating over 800 students. Other donations finance the humanitarian work of plastic surgeons on São Tomé to help children with massive burns or deformities and decisively improve their quality of life. The foundation also supports start-ups of young entrepreneurs in various fields. Dr. Knabe constantly promotes international economic cooperation in São Tomé and Príncipe. He also supports various sports clubs, such as judo and women’s football, which is particularly close to his heart.

In den Räumen der Kanzlei und UnternehmensberatungDr. Knabe

Dr Knabe group offices (photo: Christopher Kühn)

Business consulting, accounting, auditing: Law offices Dr. Knabe

Approx. 60 specialists perform outstanding work for their clients, receiving awards every year. From succession planning, consolidated financial statements and execution of wills, to international tax law, management consultancy or auditing, the Dr. Knabe group of companies offers everything from a single source.

Investments, energy supply and international participations: Dr. Knabe Group

The energy supply on São Tomé and Príncipe, like everywhere else in the world, is undergoing a massive upheaval. In the last decades, everything was powered by imported Angolan diesel. Now, work is being done on renewable energies. Dr. Knabe is investing in hydrogen technologies in Germany and building new plants to supply the population. These synergies are giving rise to new projects that can also be implemented on the islands.

Tanker auf dem Ozean

LNG tanker ship (photo: Mike Mareen)

Schüler in afrikanischer Schule

Students in African school (photo: Ben White)

Promoting teacher training and local training in São Tomé e Príncipe: Dr. Stephan Knabe Foundation

Dr Knabe’s involvement on São Tomé and Príncipe began with the support of a doctoral student at the University STP. In the meantime, there is a large German department at the university that trains teachers, students, nursing staff and tourist guides. Even the teaching of English is supported by the Stephan Knabe Foundation, which was established in 2018.

Medical technology

Das Labor. GmbH aims to establish and operate high-quality medical laboratories to provide reliable diagnostic services in sub-Saharan Africa. Another field of activity is the production of high-quality rapid medical tests. The production unit is located in Abidjan and enables production according to German standards in Côte d’Ivoire.

Niederlassung Das Labor in Abidjan, Elfenbeinküste

(photo: Das Labor)


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Our partners include: Das Labor, Hospital Potsdam Ernst von Bergmann, Diogo Vaz, German ReGas, German Department of the University of São Tomé e Príncipe, Hospital Dr. Ayres de Menezes São Tomé