Hotel recommendations
São Tomé e Príncipe


Sundy Praia luxury hotel on Príncipe. Photo: Dário Pequeno Paraiso

São Tomé e Príncipe has developed a lot in tourism over the last two decades and now offers accommodation for a wide range of budgets and tastes.

On the three inhabited islands of São Tomé, Príncipe and Ilhéu das Rolas you will find a wide variety of accommodation, from small guesthouses to luxury lodges. This selection should give you a first overview.

Hotels and accommodation in São Tomé e Príncipe:

Hotel Sundy Praia (photo: Dário Pequeno Paraiso)

Hotel Sundy Praia

Far away from the world, on a secluded beach on Príncipe. But with all imaginable comforts and private tented villas.

Club Santana Resort (photo: Dário Pequeno Paraiso)

Club Santana Beach & Resort

Set in a huge private park, with private beach, pool and French-inspired restaurant, lies this luxury bungalow resort.

Hotel Roça Sundy (photo: Thomas Iwainsky)

Hotel Roça Sundy

Here, right here, Einstein’s theory of relativity was first proven. That was in 1919. One hundred years later, you may again stay in this well-run and stylish hotel.

Foto der Roça Belo Monte auf Príncipe

Hotel Roça Belo Monte (photo: Thomas Iwainsky)

Hotel Roça Belo Monte

Imposing mansion, restaurant, verandas and even a museum on the rocky plateau above one of the most beautiful beaches in the country (or the world?)

Hotel Pestana São Tomé (photo: Thomas Iwainsky)

Pestana São Tomé

The capital’s central luxury hotel. If you want to arrange a business meeting, meet here.

Roça São João (photo: Thomas Iwainsky)

Roça São João

Artistically designed old mansion on a plantation hill, now run by São Tomé’s most famous chef.

Sweet Guest House

Nice guesthouse, with several outdoor areas, veranda and an upper floor built of wood with guest rooms. Close to the old town on a quiet side street towards Trinidade.

Residencial Avenida

Friendly motel-like hotel, directly opposite the presidential palace. Rooms around a small green area, with a small pool. Bar and café right next to the entrance to the pension.

Emoyeni Gardens

Pension with beautiful sea view and location directly on the waterfront, close to the parliament. Large green area and pool.

Hotel Central

Pension directly in the centre of the old town in the style of an inn. Downstairs restaurant and pastelaria, upstairs guest rooms.